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title pic Pfizer Halts Cancer Drug Trial

Posted by kathryn on September 23, 2010

V.Interesting.  #menopause #hormones #breastcancer

title pic #7: How to improve your pelvic floor and enjoy better sex

Posted by kathryn on September 17, 2010

I recently interviewed Susan Gala who specialises in strengthenening the pelvic floor. What a find! She is already helping women avoid leakage and improve your sex life! 

title pic Angelina Jolie and the diet that almost killed her

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Eat moderately, good nutritious food This article emphasises the dangers of strict dieting. A meat eater becoming a vegan (for whatever reason) is dangerous to your health.

title pic Breast Cancer Survey

Posted by kathryn on September 10, 2010

Pls complete this survey 6xQ’s on early detection: valuable info for my article on BC

title pic Breast Cancer Risks

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Women produce xtra oestrogen from fat cells. A driving force for onset of BC. Alcohol + smoking also a lethal cocktail.

title pic Early Detection of Breast Cancer

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Just interviewed Prof Gordon Wishart, consultant breast and endocrine surgeon at Addenbrooke’s. Probs with sound recording But s/b OK with cut&paste. Watch this space

title pic #6: Target Ovarian Cancer

Posted by kathryn on September 3, 2010

The Silent Killer! A recent phenomenon, in medical terms, and it’s up to YOU to find out about it – it could save your life. Look no further, here you will find symptoms and treatment options and ‘where to go next’ inforamtion. It has been a pleasure to interview Dr Sharon Tate. Raising awareness of […]

title pic #5: Menopause Real Lives: Marian Child

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Marian Child on her own journey through menopause.  Experiencing an Early Menopause, Marian felt lost; her own family were highlighting her symptoms, as she wasn’t recognising them.

title pic #4: Early Detection of Breast Cancer

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The early detection of breast cancer is essential, in my view. Detecting rogue cells up to ten years before they cause serious problems has to be our first line of defence. Here, I speak to Dr Nyjon Eccles about how Thermal Imaging can help reduce the incidence of breast cancer and

title pic #2: Menopause Real Lives with Wendy Calver

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Hello, It’s Kathryn Colas, here from and I’m here today talking to Wendy about her experience of Menopause. Click on Recording and see transcript below…