Saturday, December 7, 2013

title pic Glorious Forest Good to be alive!

Posted by kathryn on November 16, 2010

There’s nothing to beat it. Frosty hillsides, mist moving and rising, sun shining. And it’s FREE! 

title pic #9: Breast Cancer-The Pill-menopause

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A no-holds barred open discussion on breast cancer, the pill and menopause. Check out this online radio, the Scarlet Ladies slot – a bit like Loose Women only it’s audio!

title pic Sex-that old chestnut

Posted by kathryn on November 5, 2010

More over 40′s than 16-24′s. Here’s a Guide for Men @bbcwomanshour

title pic Taboo of menopause leave women suffering

Posted by kathryn on November 1, 2010

Let’s get this into the open & discuss – my soapbox is ready! #menopause @bbcwomanshour @redshiftradiouk