Monday, January 20, 2014


My name is Kathryn Colas and I am the Founder of SimplyHormones – The website was created about four years ago to raise awareness of menopause symptoms and choices to improve quality of life.  This blog was created to allow me to share thoughts with you on a random basis, including podcasts.

I continue to research into Hormonal Anarchy (crazy hormones) with high ideals of changing the face of women’s health and how that information is presented. This does not exclude men! They need a basic understanding of all this, too.

My own life was turned upside down from ten years of menopause madness. Nearly divorced; nearly lost my mind. I researched the subject and came up with the website to help other women – more than 12 million of them in the UK alone! I suppose I look upon the website as a guide to the pit-falls that can be experienced during ‘the change’. I know that I certainly have a new lease of life which I put down to changes made to benefit my health. I’m happier and fitter than I’ve been for many, many years. It’s a long old haul when you don’t know what you’re doing and your husband/partner knows even less – it’s just like the blind leading the blind.

Feedback is always helpful and I look forward to sharing this information with you.