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Posted by kathryn on June 13, 2012

After experiencing years of debilitating menopausaul symptoms, Kathryn Colas offers a new solution to this age old problem. Menopause has been described as a passing phase, a natural symptom of ageing and, not least, biological sabotage, lasting from 5 – 8 years.  At no other time do women experience such physiological and psychological changes.  Some […]

title pic #18: Bio-identical hormones from your GP?

Posted by kathryn on May 1, 2012

You heard right! Listen or read on to identify what to ask for. SH interviews Prof John Studd who continues to care about improving hormonal health in women. SimplyHormones Presents: Professor Studd on Bio-identical Hormones KC:      I’d like to talk if I may about bio identical hormones. A lot of women are very interested in […]

title pic #15: Celia Johnson reveals Top Tips-Fitness through Menopause

Posted by kathryn on October 17, 2011

There are 3 areas to concentrate on but first off, take it easy by listening to how to achieve your body shape – then put all your promises into practice!

title pic Periodic Fasting Good for Health & Heart:

Posted by kathryn on May 20, 2011

Good news for all:

title pic I’ve been mentally ill for most of my life-Ruby Wax

Posted by kathryn on January 31, 2011

She tells it like it is, unafraid of controversy.  I identified so much with this Like Ruby, I’m always getting on my soapbox and telling it all about depression (particularly in perimenopause and menopause) because I’ve lived through it myself and came through this metamorphosis stronger, healthier and, most of all, understanding why it […]

title pic Get best results from next health check

Posted by kathryn on July 28, 2010

Eight little directives that can make potentially lifesaving tests, like pap smear or cancer screening, more accurate and comfortable.

title pic ‘Fountain of Youth’ could help with heart disease

Posted by kathryn on June 4, 2010

This is HRT (hormone replacement therapy) by any other name but at least it puts this drug back into perspective.

title pic Properties of insulin lower risk of type-2 diabetes

Posted by kathryn on May 11, 2010

Very interesting: See also:

title pic Gender differences in heart disease recognised at last

Posted by kathryn on April 22, 2010

This is such a new area of medicine (gender differences) and this article is good news: