Saturday, December 7, 2013

title pic #10: Cervical Cancer is a known STI

Posted by kathryn on April 10, 2012

My interview with Gill Burgess tells you everything you ever wanted to know about this silent killer; cervical smears – why they’re important and much much more.  Gill Burgess is the Cancer Screening Co-ordinator for Croydon PCT, specialising in Breast, Bowel and Cervical Cancers.

title pic #3: The Pill is it right for you?

Posted by kathryn on October 28, 2011

Listen to Alexandra Pope discussing HRT, The Pill; their toxicity and what is the tsunami of menopause? Such powerful information – if only I knew then…

title pic Periodic Fasting Good for Health & Heart:

Posted by kathryn on May 20, 2011

Good news for all:

title pic #9: Breast Cancer-The Pill-menopause

Posted by kathryn on November 16, 2010

A no-holds barred open discussion on breast cancer, the pill and menopause. Check out this online radio, the Scarlet Ladies slot – a bit like Loose Women only it’s audio!

title pic Breast Cancer on the increase

Posted by kathryn on October 4, 2010

Young women often make the headlines when it comes to breast cancer. In reality it is women over 50 that are mostly affected with one in 54 being diagnosed but when a leading consultant tells you the diagnosis of breast cancer is on the rise at an unprecedented rate then you want to know why. 

title pic Breast Cancer Risks

Posted by kathryn on September 10, 2010

Women produce xtra oestrogen from fat cells. A driving force for onset of BC. Alcohol + smoking also a lethal cocktail.

title pic #6: Target Ovarian Cancer

Posted by kathryn on September 3, 2010

The Silent Killer! A recent phenomenon, in medical terms, and it’s up to YOU to find out about it – it could save your life. Look no further, here you will find symptoms and treatment options and ‘where to go next’ inforamtion. It has been a pleasure to interview Dr Sharon Tate. Raising awareness of […]

title pic #1: HRT v Bio-Identical Hormones Dr John Moran

Posted by kathryn on

Listen to the Dr John Moran interview on HRT and Bio-identical Hormones. Your choices for the treatment of Menopause

title pic Thinking of giving up smoking?

Posted by kathryn on June 21, 2010

This BMJ video should make up your mind –  an interview with the redoubtable Richard Doll who highlighted smoking and cancer in the 1950′s.